pute, saying netizens supported the female customer in defending her rights and called for Mercedes-Benz to compensate her. The report also questioned the legality of the financial s ervice fee and called for stronger market supervision in the automobile industry. It also urged auto-dealers to respect and protect consumers’ rights, sayin g that dealers should deliver qualified products and issue invoices, receipts and other cert ificates, strengthen employee training, and cooperate with investigations in the event of quality problems. The woman on Tuesday night arrived at an agreement with the dealer, w hich included a replacement car and full refund of the financial service fee.Read More →

an underwater tunnel should be built to connect the railways in Nanjing , but his dream was not realized for about 100 years. In 1929, Sun’s casket was transpor ted to Pukou district along the Tientsin-Pukow Railway before being ferried to downtown Nanjing. In 1930, John Alexander Low Waddell, a 76-year-old Canadian who was a traffic consultant to the Chinese government, said the Yangtze in Nanjing was too deep and was flowing too fast to construct a bridge, according to the Academy of Sociology. The government launched large-scale investigations in 1936 and 1946 before dropping the pla n. In 1956, the State Council, China’s Cabinet,Read More →

ched for 10 km, making it a memorable scene for a generation. In October 2016, the bridge was closed for repairs after being open for almost 50 years. The 100,000 vehicles it carried each day far exceeded its designed capacity of 8,000, causing many cracks to appear in the structure. It has been repaired 12 times since 2002. Other problems it faced included falling mortar and metal fatigue. The government decided to spend more than 1.1 billion yuan ($164 million) on the repairs. The structure’s original concrete deck was replaced by a steel one, which is lighter and h as greater durability. The replacement workRead More →

Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong province provides the most job opportunities in enterprises in the first quarter of this year, a report said. With development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greate r Bay Area set to begin, Guangzhou witnessed 24.95 percent year-on-year growth in recrui tment demand in Q1, according to the report by 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Research Institute. First-tier cities including Beijing and Shanghai continue to provide the largest job markets i n China, while new first-tier cities such as Chengdu in Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Hangzhou in E ast China’s Zhejiang province show strong momentum in recruitment demand growth. With an average monthly wageRead More →

I’d like to see more films made in China reaching out to the world,” said American dir ector Rob Minkoff, jury president at the main competition of the 2019 Beijing International Film Festival. Best known for the celebrated Disney classic The Lion King, Minkoff has also directed a num ber of animated films including Stuart Little, The Haunted Mansion and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. In a press conference held last Thursday, Minkoff said Beijing is the heart of the Chinese film industry. The BIFF attracts film productions from around the world, boo sting development of filmmaking. With a global jury panel, the festival has become an international affair. In lightRead More →

mal’s, which means that the signs of trouble during the procedure will not be as obvious as with mammals. It is easier to cause irreversible damage if an unexpected situation is encountered.” “It’s obvious that their near-extinction was caused by huma ns,” he said. “We haven’t done the basic work of researching the turtles’ biological inf ormation, behaviors and genetics. The knowledge we have is too limited to save the species.” Save your look of judgment for anyone blocking your path as you try to walk past them on an escalator in Shanghai. The new safety notices posted in every metro station in the cityRead More →

The number of Chinese studying abroad grew at a slower rate in 2018 compared with 2017, as more students have come to realize that overseas study does not necessarily guarantee a well-paid job on foreign shores, or back home, education experts said. In 2018, 662,100 Chinese went abroad to study, up 8.83 percent from a year earlier, w hile the growth rate was 11.7 percent in 2017, according to the Ministry of Education. Ran Wei, vice-president of New Channel International Education Group, said that while one should not read too much into the lower growth rate last year because of the la rge base inRead More →

 accelerating its transition from high-speed growth to high-quality develo pment, as its economic structure continues to upgrade, and new momentum sustains remarkable growth. China has adopted a proactive fiscal policy this year with greater intensity and enhanced efficiency, rolling out substa ntial tax cuts and fee reductions, and its economic growth in the first quarter has gotten off to a good start, Liu said. The minister said his country will continue to significantly relax ma rket access, enhance the protection of intellectual property rights, and carry out larg er-scale tax cuts and fee reductions, so as to create a more attractive investment and business environment.Read More →

ipation ever of Nobel Prize winners, with four on the team They were Arieh Warshel, the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in chem istry; Edvard I. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; and Michael Young, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or med icine. These four were also joined by Les Valiant, the 2010 Turing Prize winner. The survey was conducted by the International Tal ents magazine. The organizer and Dataway provided data analysis of the survey. China Daily cons tructed the official website for the survey and reported on theRead More →

Image-editing app developer Meitu Inc stated, in response to previous reports, that it was not true the company planned to shut down its smartphone business by the middle of this year. Meitu would cooperate with Xiaomi to launch a new smartphone marking the beginning of a new area . The cooperation with Xiaomi will represent the start of technological enhancement and scale devel opment, said Meitu’s spokesman, accepting an interview with Shanghai Securities News on Monday. On November 19, the company and Chinese smartphone maker Xia omi reached a global strategic cooperation arrangement that gave exclusive license to X iaomi to use Meitu smartphone brand,Read More →